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Introducing FR-Consulting

FR-Consulting is a leading and highly motivated company that provides an efficient outsourced Payroll , Human Resources and various Training services to all companies across Southern Africa, ranging from small to large entities.

With over 13 years of practical experience in the field, our team at FR-Consulting comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience and is dedicated to providing an efficient, cost-effective service to organisations across all sectors of industries.

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Featured Services


Services include generation of payroll and payslips, monthly EMP201 and UIF, reconciliation & submission.


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OHS Services

We provide OHASA compliance audits, business risk assessments, safety file compilation, ATR and more.


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BEE Consulting

Our services include B-BBEE Audit, compliance, plans, submissions, and employment equity compliance.


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We know that business is all about its people and therefore we ensure that your company is most compliant. At FR-Consulting, we cover the full scope of HR outsourcing and provide support with all payroll services, provide consulting and facilitation solutions for your business in terms of B-BBEE, Skills Development and Employment Equity, as well as a host of OHS & training services. Whatever your requirements, our friendly and experienced team is always ready to assist.