Employment Equity

Consulting & Facilitations

The Employment Equity act is a policy that applies to all employers and workers which protects against unfair discrimination. Also providing a framework for implementing affirmative action. There are therefore procedures and plans that need to be implemented as well as reports that must be submitted by designated employers, in order to comply with the Department of Labour requirements.




As of 1st August 2014, when the EE Act Amendments came into operation, any designated employer that does not have a fully compliant EE Plan or is not implementing such a Plan, is at risk of being imposed a fine of up to 2% of turnover without first being given an opportunity of remedying any identified non-compliances. We can partner with you by offering the following services, but not limited to:


1 Appointment of the EE Manager
2 Election and Appointment of the EE Committee Chairperson and Members
3 Workforce Categorisation
4 Committee Training
5 Development of the Committee Constitution
6 Employment Equity Awareness Workshops
7 Committee Consultation and Monitoring
8 EES19 Analysis
9 EE Plan Development and Review
10 Annual EE Online Reporting/Submission of the EEA2 and EEA4
11 Department of Employment and Labour Audit Assistance
12 Ad Hoc Tasks