Skills Development

Solutions & Facilitation

Businesses will only receive points on their BEE scorecard once they prove that a Workplace Skills Plan had been submitted. The new amended BEE Codes further require that a WSP and Pivotal Plan be approved by the SETA prior to earning any points on the BEE scorecard. A prerequisite for recognising any points under Skills Development on your BEE scorecard is the submission of the following:

Workplace Skills Plan (WSP)

Pivotal Plan

Annual Training Report (ATR)



Facilitation Service

In order to create synergy between the Skills Development Act, the Employment Equity Act and the BEE Codes, our Standard Skills Development Facilitation (SDF) Service includes the following where FR-Consulting will, on behalf of the client:


1 Act as Skills Development Facilitator (SDF) for your business
2 Ensure that your business is registered with the relevant SETA
3 Draft and submit an annual Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) & Pivotal Plan
4 Complete and submit quarterly reports
5 Claim annually from your industry-specific SETA
6 Introduce accredited training for the business by accredited training providers
7 Introduce skills development programmes such as learnerships, bursaries & youth subsidies
8 Assist in establishing Training Committees if applicable
9 Sourcing & vetting qualifying service providers for training solutions aligning to the Works Skills Plan and the B-BBEE requirements